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Andreas Nikolaus “Niki” Lauda born is an Austrian former Formula One driver and a three time F World Drivers Champion, winning in . In other F news from their official mail list, a chaped “Nicki Lauder” claims ” we are back”. Good for him. killtheresearcher . Former Formula One champion Niki Lauder has secured pole position to buy back the Austrian airline he founded after beating rival bidder and .

  • Marlene Kraus Niki Laudas Ex Wife Wikibio Fabwags Com

    Meet Marlene Knaus once known as Marlene Lauda, she is the ex wife of the F legendary racer Niki Lauda, Marlene is the mother of Lauda’s eldest son Mathias and Lukas. Lauda and Marlene got married.

  • Mercedes Benz V Raced By Niki Lauda At

    Niki Lauda is a living legend. The Austrian race car driver has three Formula One championships to his name, and he’s considered one of the all time greats. Immortalized as the foil to James Hunt .