Facts About Racing Cars

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Facts About Race Cars That Will Blow Your Mind. A Formula One car s exhaust gets enough to melt aluminum. The manhole covers in Monaco have to be welded down prior to an F race, or the cars will literally them up. The average Formula pit stop is less than three seconds. Tons of race cars can drive upside .Today, there are several different types of racing car. Formula cars are the fastest, hurtling round tracks at s.ds of up to kph mph . Rally cars compete in timed, long distance races on public and private roads. Stock cars are toughened up vehicles that take part in races where the cars often collide..Primarily raced on oval tracks, stock cars vaguely resemble production cars, but are in fact purpose built racing machines that .

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    Drag Racing Facts The Golden Age of Top Fuel, Funny Cars, Door Slammers More [Doug Boyce] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spanning the s through the s, Drag Racing Facts is packed with well researched drag racing facts that even some of the most hard core drag racing fans might be .

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    Pixar’s Cars was released on this day years ago. So put on your helmets, rev those engines, and let’s take a look at some behind the scenes facts about the Oscar winning animation studio .

  • Aussie Racing Cars Wikipedia

    Aussie Racing Cars is an Australian motor racing category. Essentially a motorcycle powered Silhouette racing car cl., it was created by former touring car racer Phil Ward, influenced by the American Legends category. Ward sold the category in to Keltic Motorsport, a motorsport company owned by Queensland based father son team of .

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    The former chief engineer of Hudson’s racing program, Vince Piggins, agreed with GM vice president and general manager of Chevrolet, Edward N. Cole, to move down to Atlanta and setup the “Southern Engineering and Development Company” known as .